Bizstart offers a platform where aspiring entrepreneurs can research multiple business/startup opportunities and decide which one is best suited for them. Once they nail down the options, Bizstart helps them with all launch-related services and hand-holding during the initial period.

There are currently over 800 profiles on Bizstart, 320 of which are MSME opportunities and over 480 innovative business opportunities.

Bizstart offers two programs. Pre-incubation: It is a part-time program that helps first-time entrepreneurs in confirming their entrepreneurial spirit, recommending a list of the top industries and businesses that are appropriate for them, helping them in researching various business options, offering a template to aid in the creation of a business plan, and helping them with a tool-kit to launch a successful startup. Bizstart also invests in promising student startups. Regardless of whether they intend to pursue entrepreneurship as a career or not, it offers a once-in-a-lifetime practical exposure to the world of business for students who are still selecting their career route. Incubation: It is a part-time mentorship program for new entrepreneurs. The type of mentoring varies depending on whether you are starting a small business or launching a startup. The goal is to provide full support and guidance to new entrepreneurs by leveraging the experience of experts from that particular industry. The detailed list of services is provided under the relevant plans under PRICING.

From the top menu, go to PRICING and then pick up a relevant plan and start.

Studies show that 35% of new businesses and 99% of startups fail. This demonstrates how crucial it is to make the right business decision for one's success. Pre-Incubation is a stage that Bizstart has created in India, allowing one to go through a special procedure that will help them make the right decisions.

Yes, Bizstart provides mentorship for both small business owners and startup founders. One can choose a mentor from among real business owners and startup founders all around India. One can also avail of services from verified functional experts like chartered accountants, marketers, business planning experts, website developers, financiers etc.

Bizstart focuses on the B2B market, working with universities and colleges. Bizstart provides a white-labelled technology platform to enable them to run state-of-the-art pre-incubation and incubation services for students. However, individuals, including those considering a career change, can also purchase standard plans to access the platform and its services.

Bizstart is for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a new business.

Bizstart helps aspiring student entrepreneurs, career-change professionals and aspiring women entrepreneurs. Basically, first-time small business owners and startup founders.

Bizstart doesn't run an incubation centre. However, it provides incubation support services (e.g. mentoring, incorporation, marketing, compliance etc.) to startups incubated elsewhere.



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