Bizstart offers a platform where aspiring entrepreneurs can study multiple business/startup opportunities and decide which one is best suited for them. Once they nail down the options, Bizstart helps them with all launch-related services and hand-holding during the initial period.

Currently, Bizstart has over 830 profiles, including 320 MSME opportunities and over 500 innovative business opportunities. These opportunities span across more than 60 industry sectors.

The pre-incubation program that Bizstart offers for educational institutions is ideally spread over two stages. In the first stage, all students get access to the Bizstart platform which covers: - Assessments to help students discover their entrepreneurial traits and suitable industries - Access to 800+ business/startup opportunities and problem statements - Create a Business Plan Online - Access to blogs curated to assist first-time entrepreneurs - Access to an E-book outlining the 14 logical steps to launching a successful startup Multiple workshops are conducted to help all students identify one startup or business opportunity and thereafter finalize their respective business model and business plan. Business plans submitted on the Bizstart platform by students are analysed to identify the winners. In the second stage of the program, the winners and select students who want to take their idea forward and convert it into a real-world opportunity join an advanced program where students are guided on how to evaluate their ideas, write value proposition statements, validate ideas by interviewing potential customers, create a prototype, and learn how to pitch their idea for potential funding and or incubation at the university or otherwise.

If you represent an educational institution, you can reach out to [email protected] to schedule a demo of the platform and explore the associated pre-incubation services that Bizstart offers.

Currently, innovation and startup initiatives predominantly gravitate towards prestigious educational institutions and urban hubs, neglecting the vast untapped potential in Tier 2, 3 cities, and rural areas. Many higher educational institutions lack the necessary tools, expertise, and resources to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship. Bizstart aims to bridge this gap by harnessing the power of technology. Moreover, despite the presence of over 700 incubation centers in India, studies reveal alarming statistics: 35% of new businesses and 99% of startups fail. This highlights a systemic flaw in our approach to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship during the nascent stages. Bizstart adopts a unique strategy by diligently guiding students in the initial stages to identify their potential, confirm their commitment, and validate the quality of their ideas, thereby significantly enhancing their chances of success.

Yes, Bizstart provides mentorship for both aspiring small business owners and startup founders. One can choose a mentor from among real business owners and startup founders all around India. One can also avail of services from verified functional experts like chartered accountants, marketers, business planning experts, website developers, financiers etc.

Currently, Bizstart exclusively caters to B2B clients, encompassing universities, colleges, communities, and government institutions. Bizstart offers a co-branded technology platform and pre-incubation entrepreneurship solution for these institutions. In the future, when Bizstart unveils a B2C version of its platform, it will extend its services to individuals.

No, Bizstart exclusively concentrates on pre-incubation. However, for educational institutions lacking their own incubation centers or access to others, Bizstart offers mentoring services to incubated startups.

Currently, Bizstart supports budding student entrepreneurs. However, in the future, it will introduce a B2C version aimed at career-change professionals and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

In the journey of a typical startup, there are four distinct stages: Pre-Incubation, Incubation, Acceleration, and Growth. Bizstart specializes in Pre-Incubation, focusing on four crucial steps: 1. Sensitization & Education: - Exploring Career Options and their Pros and Cons - Understanding the Essence of Entrepreneurship: Business vs. Startup vs. Self-Employment - Nurturing Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Mindset 2. Ideation: - Identifying the Target Customer Profile - Analyzing the Problem they Encounter - Estimating the Potential Market Size - Conceptualizing a Hypothetical Solution in Product or Service Form 3. Evaluation: - Conducting Comprehensive Market Research - Analyzing Competitors - Validating Assumptions through Surveys, Interviews, or Pilot Tests - Iterating and Improving the Idea and Solution based on Feedback 4. Business Planning & Model: - Addressing Key Questions to Transform the Idea into a Viable Opportunity - Developing a Profitable Business Model - Crafting a Detailed Business Plan



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