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Statutory Compliance



Finance, Accounts , Taxation, Statutory compliance are the backbone of any business. Now a days we are realizing that Business can’t survive without proper attention to these segment. Running Business and professional are wasting their Precious time in tackling the issues of finance, account and taxation etc. going out of their core area of interest and expertise. Development can be achieved through a concentrated approach on business as no one can be master of everything. Value of those who knows everything is much lesser then one who knows one thing but with full of knowledge, expertise and interest.


Business are required to carry out timely applicable statutory compliance like Registrar of Company , Income Tax , Goods and Service Tax, Labour Law , Banking , Licensing etc. Bizstart is focused on the how we can reduce the burden of the finance department; so the business can focus on growth, development and other important segment by offering a complete statutory compliance module.

Services includes:

  • Annual ROC Filling
  • Increase Authorized Capital
  • Changes in Directorship
  • Change in Company Master Data
  • GST Registration
  • GST Return Filling
  • GST Data Matching
  • Income Tax Return
  • TDS Return
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Calculation
  • Provident Fund Compliance
  • ESIC Compliance
  • Bonus Calculation
  • Gratuity Planning
  • Registration (Trade Mark, Patent, Copyright)
  • Business Funding Renewals
  • Right to use IPR
  • Trademark Objection Handling
  • Project & CMA Report
  • CC/OD Compliance and Enhancement
  • One Time Settlement Proposals
  • CIBIL Analysis
Secretarial Compliance

Compliance as per Companies Act, 2013 along with its rules there of and law of land applicable to the company as well as their holding / subsidiary company.

GST Compliance

Newly introduced one India one tax. Monthly, quarterly and annual compliance along with data synchronization.

Income Tax Compliance

Income Tax Act 1961 along with its rules thereof. Advance tax and TDS compliance.

Labour Law Compliance

PF, ESIC, Bonus, Gratuity, Minimum Wages, Professional Tax etc. calculation and compliance, Payment of statutory funds and their management.

Trade Mark & IPR Compliance

Registration, Renewals, Right to Use, Objections, Violations, IPR & Copyright Claim and related compliance along with their paper documentation.

Banking Compliance

Business funding processing, renewal, enhancement, compliance, stock statement, documentation, filing, NPA & OTS related management.

BizStart provides a wide range of advisory and business analytic services. Whether you’re a startup or among the Business Houses, all our offerings are scalable to your unique needs. Our flat, non - bureaucratic structure allows us to be nimble and responsive, all while drawing on the resources of a global accounting and consulting network.

Our select services include:
  • Incorporation
  • Business Funding
  • Registration
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Contracting
  • Expert Advice

BizStart provides a unique, innovative and in Robert Frost's words, "The Road Not Taken" approach and services where one can purchase a running business as well as get assistance in business setup to be the owner of their own empire.

Our select business for sale include:
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Entertainment
  • Agricultural

BizStart provides full support for the startup in selecting proper entity formation, applicable registration, strategic decision, commercial approach, business plan, funding, agreement and expert opinion.

Our select services include:
  • Incorporation
  • Business Funding
  • Registration
  • Special Entity
  • Business Assistance
  • Documentation

Timely Compliance

We assist running business for timely compliance of statutory requirement of financial in nature.

  • Proper Accounting
  • Efficient Compilation
  • Match the Time Limit